About Us

Hours Boost is a service which allows you to log hours to your Steamâ„¢ games. By obtaining more hours to your game - like Counter Strike: Global Offensive - your profile looks more legitimate and other players show more respect to you since you are a veteran. You can freely idle your Steam accounts in through AND ONLY through our official website (www.HoursBoost.com). Every step in the process is completed automatically and there is no human interaction between your personal information and our staff.


Hours Boost and the services we provide are ONLY provided through our website and never through any other website or forum. Be careful and make sure with whom you make business because there are a lot of scammers trying to impersonate us, our company or our service. Our staff will NEVER ask for any personal information (such as Steam account passwords) except your personal PIN number of your Hours Boost profile.

General Information

This website is managed and directed by the company with the following information:

4 Clough Close, Middlesborough,
England, TS5 5DW
Company #: 10243616

Company Director
Fotis K. (Frozen)

Attention: Please make sure that you deal ONLY with the people with the information shown above.

Latest News

We are happy to announce officially that (as most of you already know) we are about to make a huge upgrade to our website & services. You can find information about it here.

PayPal redirection issues.
Published 2 years ago

Due to our website being under stress the last 72 hours, there are cases that PayPal fails to complete the after payment redirection.


Due to having too many scam attempts (failed attempts, but still) from people based on BRAZIL, and since we noticed that in contradiction to that, the real customers based on BRAZIL are just a few, we decided to no longer accept PayPal payments from Brazil. NO more exceptions to anyone from Brazil.