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HoursBoost *HUGE* Upgrade is about to happen!

Posted on 26th June 2017 18:05

Dear Customers,

As most of you are informed, we are about to release HoursBoost v2 and a week or two later, the final version of our Website & Services, HoursBoost v3
Both of those versions complete each other and are going to be a HUGE upgrade on our current Website & Services.

HoursBoost version 2.0 & 3.0 Includes:

- Mobile Authentication support (100%).
- Card Farming (professional) services. *
- Android Application**
- iOS Application**

* You will have the ability to either IDLE or Card Farm your accounts, with the same subscription packages you already have (or buy).
NO extra charges, just extra option.

** Both Android + iOS Applications will give you the same abilities as the ones you have on site from your computer, with some extras as the ability to use your services and get notifications (AND discounts or Messages) directly on your Cell Phones.

The implementation of Card Farming on its own, on the way we did implement it, it's an incredibly hard job to accomplish, and as you already know we are not releasing anything if we are not sure that it's absolutely working. That said, this is the reason we are breaking this release into 2 parts, in order to not delay further with the essential things to run.

Few more additions will be done, but we will not list them here as we are going to let them as surprise to you until the final version comes out. So, be patient.

We are working on completing this upgrade the soonest possible.

Current ETA for HoursBoost.v2 = 27th~ 29th of June
Current ETA for HoursBoost.v3 = 4 ~ 10 of July

Thank you for your support and love over the years.

Regards, Staff